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Tsigoti - "The Imagination Liberation Front Thinks Again" - download

Image of Tsigoti - "The Imagination Liberation Front Thinks Again" - download


With their third transatlantic bouillabaisse of anarcho-virtuosi avant-punk stylings, Tsigoti continue to intone their unabashed frustrations with the shortcomings of our human experiment with war. The Imagination Liberation Front Thinks Again (ILF), our new slab from this quartet of overly experienced anti-specialists, merges the angst of punk, the absurdity of Dada and the soapbox political shoutings of the world’s finest provocateurs.

ILF shifts like the surface of an ocean. It’s moody, cinematic and forceful. The lyrics are borne from genuine frustration and dissatisfaction with the atrocities of war, violence, injustice, genocide, superiority, prejudice, arrogance, oppression, pollution and freeways. There’s a Dadaesque boiling-over to the words, which only supply yet more integrity to the madcap ravings of the guitar, bass and drums. At times, Thollem provides an exemplary bent circus piano, even throwing in some ragtime, but as if Scott Joplin swapped hormones with Iggy Pop. Each musician grows in and out of each other, in a quantumly and musically entangled force field. But this is not inaccessible music, which makes Tsigoti even more important. Their whimsical, spasmodic punkestrations exhibit a deep precision, like a finely-oiled Jean Tinguely sculpture. You just hit the power switch and watch the whole thing unfold. That is how to experience the world of Tsigoti. 1. The Headline Whisper Screams 2:21
2. On Our Way To Moving On The Way 1:34
3. Sometimes With Our Knowledge 2:00
4. Sometime With Mass Confusion 2:00
5. Thousands More Locked Up Today 4:11
6. On The Way To Another Nothing 1:13
7. Propaganda Blows 2:27
8. Hurricanes Of Distortion 2:19
9. The Hard Reign Comes Down 0:59
10. Drowning The Bafflegab 3:15
11. Thousands Killed Again Today 2:15
12. Liberty Versus Freedom 2:17
13. Unargued Argument 3:02
14. This Is A Constant 3:17
15. Action Is Necessary 3:14
16. For The Continued Existence Of 7:00

"Propaganda Blows"

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